At reBalance, we believe you should love every inch and every angle of yourself. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work to slim down, that pesky under-chin fat won’t go away. Kybella is a treatment that targets and destroys these fat cells, so you can show off your profile with pride. Make every side your good side.


Conditions Kybella Treats:

FDA approved injectable treatment to reduce fat under the chin

What to Expect with Kybella:

  • Multiple small injections under the chin per treatment, up to 6 treatments depending on specific patient needs
  • Injection process takes about 10-15 minutes and each treatment is done 1 month apart

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“I’ve been insecure about my chin area for years, and finally I can just feel confident. I smile even bigger now knowing that I don’t have a double chin to worry about. This process was so worth it.”

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