Functional Medicine Consultations

What is functional medicine? Basically, we look to find the root cause of your issues and treat at that level. Often times things are linked together in interesting ways, and we help sort through it and restore balance so the body can heal itself. We use nutrition first, then supplements, and prescriptions and procedures when necessary. Prescribing pills for symptoms is an outdated form of medicine, and we provide patients a better way to look at things.


What to Expect at Your Consultation:

  • reBalance consultations take 30 to 60 minutes
  • Now is the time to talk about you—any issue you are having, problem you’d like to fix, nagging pain, ache or soreness you’ve always had. Don’t be shy! The first step to treatment is identifying the problems—all of them

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“reBalance really changed my perspective on medicine. I usually didn’t like going to consultations because I never felt like doctors were listening to me and it seemed like they already had a diagnosis before I finished talking. At reBalance, a consultation means a real conversation.”

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